Winter Cleanse




Winter Cleanse



Community Wellness Cleanse

February 21st - March 1st


March 21st - March 29th



What does the 9 day program include?

A comprehensive packet of information on the 9 day cleanse including:

A check off list provided for each day to help keep track of your daily routine. 

Daily Yoga and Breath work recommendations.

Winter Food Shopping list and yummy recipes to use throughout the cleanse.

Easy to follow calendar to guide us through our journey together.

A bag of split Mung from Banyan Botanicals for your Kitchari.

Facebook Private group site where you will receive daily information on the cleanse and be able to ask questions on different aspects of the process such as physical ailments or mental and emotional challenges.

A personal perspective on health and wellness by learning more about your individual constitution according the the Science of Ayurveda.

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Q&A meeting scheduled on Wednesday evening 7:15pm Febrary 20th and March 20th.

Please call me if you have any questions. (970)596-7337

If you would like a more comprehensive Ayurvedic Consultation let me know and we can set you up with an appointment. Rates will vary depending on the time you need and the different services I offer.

Total Program Cost  $54

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do a Cleanse?

In the winter season where we are living in an environment that is cold and feels heavy, we have a tendency to move slower and our bodies can show excessive Kapha Doshic qualities. In the Ayurvedic Science, these qualities increase in our physical, mental and emotional body. Signs and symptoms of increased Kapha are for example: increased congestion in the lungs, colds that do not go away, feelings of heaviness, fogginess, dullness or sadness, sluggish digestion, weight gain or difficulty rising in the mornings.

The winter cleanse is simple and a great way to help reestablish balance in the body and mind by introducing 9 days of change into our diets and lifestyle. In Ayurveda, it is suggested that we do not do a full intensive cleanse during the winter season. Are bodies still need daily fuel to stay warm and keep are immune systems strong. So it is in this cleanse we eat nourishing clean meals that are designed to balance the increase of Kapha and help reset the digestion so that we may continue to absorb nutrients that will put the body, mind and spirit back into balance.

What are the signs of “Ama”, toxicity in the body?

In the Ayurvedic system it is understood that there are qualities in the winter season; heavy, dull, sluggish and stagnant to name a few.  These may describe how we feel mentally and physically during the winter season and it is a sign that there is “Ama,” accumulated toxins in the body.

Body toxicity can appear as:

Poor stamina and lack of focus

Common colds and congestion that is hard to get rid of

Weight gain or sluggish digestion

Body aches and pains 

Insomnia or excessive sleep

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How does the 9 day cleanse go?

Day 1-2   Pre-Cleanse

The first five days are to prepare the body for the ten days of cleansing that follows.  Each day there will be something to eliminate from our diets: caffeine, alcohol, dairy and meat, foods from a can or out of a box, refined sugars and white flour.  There are recipes and a Kapha favoring food list provided to help offer new ideas to the menu planning for this first five day pre-cleanse.

We are using foods that favor the season of spring.  These foods are specifically chosen to help nourish the body help clear the Kapha qualities of the winter season. 

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Day 3-7   Mono Diet

We are now entering the first five days of eating kitchari. 

            These five days we will be eating a “mono-diet” of kitchari.  This is a diet that will give us all the nutrients we need, protein and carbs to help us continue on with our work days and continue the cleanse process. Kitchari is a combiination of split yellow mung beans, quinoa and medicinal spices that are commonly found our spice cabinets.  There is a Breakfast Rice meal that can be added to the menu for a different flavor if you need it.  If you are not hungry for breakfast, you may skip it during this time period and eat an earlier lunch.

There are several kitchari recipes we can use and many others out there you can find online.  Many of you have bought the “kitchari kit” and feel free to play around with the different recipes.  It is important to understand that these five days are ONLY kitchari and Breakfast Rice.  No fruit or veggies.  

Fruit Snacks:

            It is recommended not to eat raw foods during this time except for fruit.  It is important that we do not eat fruit during our meals.  Our bodies digest fruit faster and if we combine the fruit with our meals, it will decrease the energy needed to completely digest the meal.  Eating fresh fruit as a snack at least one hour before or after our meal is recommended. 

I use oils, herbs, beans and spices from Banyan Botanicals. I have all you need in stock in my office so there is no need to pay shipping and you can pick up supplies easily in town.

I use oils, herbs, beans and spices from Banyan Botanicals. I have all you need in stock in my office so there is no need to pay shipping and you can pick up supplies easily in town.

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Day 8-9  Reintegration and Rejuvenation

For the last two days of the cleanse, it is important to slowly reintegrate certain foods back into the diet.  You may take more time then just two days. The digestive tract has had a chance to clear congestion that may be blocking our ability to absorb nutrients and this is the time to slowly introduce foods that may potentially aggravate the body such as dairy, wheat and soy.   Again, eat whole foods using recipes from the packet and diversify your menu slowly.  Caffeine, Alcohol and or any other type of stimulant could over stimulate the systems in the body. 

This is also a good week to get a massage, facial or any other spa treatment you would enjoy.  This is a time to celebrate you and your healthy body!


Total Program Cost